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>Name: Lily Ugbaja

>Description: Content Marketer who tests before she sells. 

Former Animalz. 

Pro Squabbles Squasher. (It means I’m always mediating for 5 kids 😅)

I oversee or assist your marketing efforts from strategy to execution and distribution

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Love from clients:

Lily understands the importance of creating content that not only stands out but that goes deep on a topic. Lily doesn't just stay surface level. She gets into the heads of your audience and creates content they want to read.
B2B SaaS and marketing writer recommendation
Ross Simmonds
Founder, Foundation Inc.
After over a decade of working in the digital marketing space, I can confidently say that Lily is one of the best content marketers I've ever worked with. If you get the chance to work with her, take it. You won't regret it.
Adam Connell
Founder, BloggingWizard
Lily's content is stand-out, especially her expert voice and originality. You can trust her to deliver quality to your brand and audience. We're looking forward to working with Lily again!
Monica Lent
Founder, Affilimate
Loved working with Lily on content for my clients. She takes a sensible, approachable, and search-focused approach to writing. Her expert sourcing and collaborative working style resulted in a number of good articles. I look forward to working on future projects together!
Michael Keenan
Content Strategist
and Co-Founder, PeakFreelance
Working with Lily on content for OptinMonster was a pleasure! She was always on time and provided quality content.
Keri Lynn Angel
Director of Content, Awesome Motive
Lily is easily one of the best content marketers I've ever worked with. I was impressed with the quality of her work, communication, and ability to create content that delivers visitors and customers. I highly recommend working with Lily to anyone that needs high quality content that drives traffic and revenue.
Ruben Gamez
Founder, SignWell

I'm not your regular content marketer.

I’m in the trenches daily with three blogs of my own, generating actual organic traffic and revenue. 
Those blogs –not your site– are my testing grounds.
I do this because content marketing is powerful, and I love being able to bring that power to businesses.

But the decision is ultimately yours...

Keep publishing dry, spray and pray content that eats into your marketing budget and yields low ROI
Get specific.

Start publishing content that’s ideated, written, and distributed by someone who’s learned what works from years of trial and error…
Content that ranks – 75k monthly visitors on a DA 20 blog…
Content that converts – 30% conversion rate on an optin page…