B2B SaaS Writer Profile

>Name: Lily Ugbaja

>Description: Certified Digital Marketing Content Junkie and Pro Squabbles Squasher.

>(photo of me on real duty end of page)

I'm obsessed with digital marketing and scaling businesses.

It’s the only thing I’ve found that changes rapidly enough to keep my attention.

I even created (and still run) three blogs just because I love testing, creating, and analysing.

One thing I’ve found, tactics to game the system change but the core principles of winning remain the same. Create good content.

Content that’s relatable, reliableuseful, actionable, authoritative, and sometimes vulnerable.

Thankfully, this kind of writing is something I never tire of.

That’s why I know we’ll make a happy partnership!

You bring the business, I bring the content magic.

#funfact1: I beat 8 and 9th grades to win a writing contest when I was in 7th grade. 

#funfact2: My nickname is Analyser, my mom started calling me that because I would always ask “why”, “how”, and “what if”. Haha!

Here's what I do for smart businesses like you

Deliver well thought out content that is:

  • Comprehensive – detailed, practical content your audience and Google will love.
  • Authoritative – well-researched writing. No claim is made without authoritative backing.
  • Converting – what’s the point of getting traffic if they don’t act? My content gets them to buy, download…

Here's proof:

Lily understands the importance of creating content that not only stands out but that goes deep on a topic. Lily doesn't just stay surface level. She gets into the heads of your audience and creates content they want to read.
B2B SaaS and marketing writer recommendation
Ross Simmonds
Founder, Foundation Inc.

And this is me at my other job as promised!