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I’m Lily, and I win business for smart marketing brands using long form content that ranks fast, engages users, and converts qualified leads.

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Working with Lily on content for OptinMonster was a pleasure! She was always on time and provided quality content.
Keri Lynn Engel
Director of Content, Awesome Motive

Sites like OptinMonster, MonsterInsights and SeedProd Blog have hired me to create long-form content that ranks in search, drives targeted traffic and helps put their competition out of business 😉

My posts frequently rank in the featured snippet position for target keywords.

This one, for example, holds both the no. 1 spot and position 0 for the main keyword:

But we don’t just get one keyword and say done. See how my progressive profiling post for OptinMonster dominates the SERPs for main and related keywords.

And how I helped a DA 20 site rank no. 1 for a high competition keyword, bringing in $10k worth of traffic per month.

My posts get bookmarked and referenced a ton too (a smart way to build brand trust and advocacy)!

Like in this job ad posting across many sites where my work is listed as the first resource:

Know why this happens? My philosophy about content!

Lily understands the importance of creating content that not only stands out but that goes deep on a topic. Lily doesn't just stay surface level. She gets into the heads of your audience and creates content they want to read.
B2B SaaS and marketing writer recommendation
Ross Simmonds
Founder, Foundation Inc.
I highly recommend Lily as a writer. I edited her work at Animalz. As a writer, she's one of the strongest writers I know. She thinks carefully about a piece's intent and audience before and while writing. She also, just as importantly, responds well to feedback. As a person, she is collaborative and an absolute joy to work with. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat
Nathan Wahl
Lead Content Marketing Editor, Animalz
Lily is an amazing writer and it was a real pleasure working with her. She always respects our agreement - she is never late and she will always give 100% when writing any piece of content. She is very responsive, and it's super easy to simply talk with her and come to a mutual understanding. Definitely, a freelance writer that will always have a place in my team! A true gem in the freelance content marketing space!
Tamara Omerovic
Content Marketing Manager, Databox

My Philosophy:

We should never publish content unless it's the absolute BEST on the topic (No point rehashing the same old stuff).


Backed by proof. Make a claim, make it unquestionable.


Easy to read. If it's not scannable, it's not readable.


Simple to understand. No complicated stuff, no impressive jargon.


Thoroughly trashed. Only one question should remain "where do we sign up!"

That's the minimum you should be willing to publish on your brand blog.


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Content Strategy

Help you find your best shots at ranking, then create a content calender so you're publishing the right thing at the right time.

content marketing strategy results
Increase in organic traffic to a DA 20 blog thanks to my strategy (zero promotion)

Content Creation

Help you create content that kicks butts on Google. The kind of content that gets referenced, linked to, and influences buying decisions.

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Content Refresh

Breath life into dead or underperforming content and reclaim your position in the search engine ranking pages.

Traffic boost to an updated post for a competitive keyword.
After over a decade of working in the digital marketing space, I can confidently say that Lily is one of the best content marketers I've ever worked with. If you get the chance to work with her, take it. You won't regret it.
Adam Connell
Former Marketing Director UK Linkology
and Founder, BloggingWizard

I'm not your regular content marketer.

I’m in the blogging trenches daily with three blogs of my own, generating actual organic traffic, ad and affiliate income, and product sales. 
Those blogs –not your site– are my testing grounds.
I do this because content marketing is powerful, and I love being able to bring that power to small businesses.

But the decision is ultimately yours...

Keep pushing dry, unauthoritative content that eats into your marketing budget and yields low ROI
Start publishing content that’s written by someone who’s actually in this for more than just the money…
Content that ranks – 75k monthly visitors on a DA 20 blog…
Content that converts – 30% conversion rate on an optin page…