Rates + Pricing FAQs

How much is it gonna cost?

My rates start at $750 for up to 1,500 words and include:

  • An outline pre-draft for you to approve – So the direction of the final post is inline with your business needs.
  • Research (including stats, reports, and original quotes where needed)
  • Interviews (if necessary)
  • Formatting – Your post will be ready to pop into your CMS and hit publish right away.
  • Screenshots and relevant images.
  • Writing and editing  – To suit your brand voice.
  • Internal links – To boost SEO.
  • One round of revision and a final lookover for minor tweaks – To make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

Ghost written posts cost an extra 20% to cover for the benefits I miss out on when ghostwriting.

Please contact me for pricing on longer content, content refreshs and content strategy creation.


How it works:

Here’s what my process looks like when we decide to work together.

  • I’ll send a brief for you to fill-in that asks about the goal, audience, and topic you want to talk about.
  • Once you’ve completed that, I’ll send over a contract for you to sign and a 50% deposit invoice.
  • Next I’ll send over an outline for you to pre-approve.
  • I’ll complete the draft in 5 – 10 business days and send the invoice for the remaining 50% with the draft. Net 7.
  • You submit any edits needed within 5 business days, and I’ll make them.

Have any questions or need more info, reach out at lilyugbaja@gmail.com or use this form to contact me: